First Impressions

What is our First Impressions Team?

The First Impressions Team is dedicated to fulfill the ‘Loving Others’ aspect of Cornerstone’s Irreducible Core. Our team actively engages with the church congregation and visitors alike to ensure that they feel welcomed, loved, and connected to the church body. We seek to connect and build relationships with all we come into contact with that will be sustained through communication and active participation in their lives. The First Impressions Team is a great way to serve within the church and actively connect with others to fulfill God’s call to love others. If you have any additional questions about First Impressions, please contact Stephanie Black

Some great areas to get involved include: Greeters, Section Hosts, Front Desk Members, Café Team Members, Prep Team Leaders, our Parking Lot Team and our Decorating Team.  If you have a heart to love others, we welcome you to become a part of our team.

Greeter: Our greeters are our front line of welcoming those who walk into our church. They hand out bulletins and flyers as well as hold open doors and provide a warm and friendly first welcome. If you enjoy saying hello and making sure that others get the items they need to start their experience right, then this is the position for you.

Section Host: Our section hosts are our eyes on the inside. They take a section of the worship center where they visit and get to know those who sit in their area. If you enjoy meeting new people, shaking hands and getting to know others better, then this is the position for you to join.

Front Desk Member: Our Front Desk assistants are full of knowledge on what is happening in the church. They are a part of handing out the sermon series, signing others up for events and letting individuals know what areas would be a good fit for them. If you enjoy knowing details and providing information to others, then this is your perfect place to serve.

Café Team: Our Café Team Members provide a great experience for our guests and church members by providing beverages. They ensure that everything is prepared before our guests and congregation arrive. If you enjoy serving others and hosting large crowds, this is the perfect place for you.

Prep Team Leader: Our Prep Team Leaders ensure that everything is ready to go for our church services. They make sure that communication cards and tithe envelopes are located at each seat. Hand outs and bulletins are cut out and prepped. Additionally, they make sure that everything is restocked between services and that the worship center is clear of coffee cups and clutter.  If you enjoy organizing and preparing for guests, you will want to serve here.

Parking Lot Team: Our Parking Lot Team will be starting in Spring of 2016! We are excited to have individuals who will help pick up people in our parking lot and help them to the front door. If you enjoy helping others, this will be the perfect spot for you to serve.

Decorating Team: Do you love to decorate? We are looking for individuals who like to decorate and add a special touch to our church home at certain times of the year. If this is an area of interest for you, we would love to add you to the team.

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